“Star Goo”

An alternate look at something called standard. Galactic colors and distant vibes and all that shit. In so many words it’s done. This is likely the last post of Chapter One. And I believe Chapter Two is to come next. More on that later. Transitional voyages and all the like, enjoy a bit of shitty rum or good wine, either with a side of half-ass coffee. And pondering and living. Imagination is something that seems to flow like a molten rainbow, or maybe just like water, but either possibility seems quite good and right. Introspective from the outside.

And reliant in truth.



“Bot” aka “Nightmare Children”

I’d say this has something to do with this life under the sun being pointless in the end, and about us collectively and increasingly amusing ourselves to death, to mindlessness. But that may or may not be true.



Out there. I called this ‘Distances’ though I’m not really a fan of that title. Something about chasing the horizon and blowing up your mind in the process, well worth it if you catch it. Or even a glimpse of truth for that matter.


Halfass Ingratitude

Here are some half ass pictures that I’ve taken within the past week or so. They kind of chronicle my recent movements. I’m feeling uninspired as fuck at the moment.

But do check out this link for something slightly more worthwhile that I’ve been jamming to a good bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzi24Nssiow

that is all for now.