In the least pretentious way possible – my ‘artist name’ is the Doofus. The little colorful face with upside down peace signs and an eerie smile is my logo, for lack of a better word. Actually, I prefer the word sign. Yeah, there it is, below. Or to the left maybe.sign

Anyways, I believe in genuine inspiration. On a less lofty note, I live a fairly average life but I’m always trying to live faster, and this site is a showcase for my creative wanderings all along the way. There are words, graphic art, photography, and whatever else pops into my head hidden behind those little circles on the Home Page. My goal is simple – create to express and make rad shit all the while. I share these things because I want other people to see what’s popping off in my mind. So pick your poison; I hope you find something you enjoy and, longer shot, something that inspires you. Oh, also, you can follow me on Instagram: @doo_fus , although if you’re already on this site then that’s a bit beside the point. As for navigating the site….

Doodles / Creature Friends is a page featuring pretty much just that…doodles and my own little cast of creature friends.

Relatively Rad Tuesdays is a page that features a little photo piece each Tuesday. It’s meant to capture that daily life feel and try to pick out the rad little moments amongst this whole mess of general movement.

If you’re not first, you’re last. Nah, nah – fuck that.  ….El Numero Dos


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