I’ll just leave this here….

So as far as navigating this big mess of a site, if you click that little black icon with the 3 white bars at the top of the page mysteriously titled ‘Widgets’, a drop down menu will appear. If you scroll a little down to Categories, that’s the best bet. Right so:

Chapter 1 is Imagination and Colors. This is early vibey colorful things from when Doofusmedia was first getting started, say Summer 2013.

Chapter 2 is Forces of the Continuum. This era has a lot of odd disturbed notions. Exploring various vague concepts and feeling a bit …..off. Say Fall 2013.

Chapter 2.5 is basically Cold Summer – a mini era of weird empty vibes. It was pretty strange and messy and all over the map and features a lot more photography. Basically December and January.

Chapter 2.9 is exactly what you’d expect. It’s almost Chapter 3 but just not quite. 2014 is here, and we survived the Cold Summer and all the Old Bummers. Trying to find my way down the very unpredictable road of progress.

Chapter 3 is happening now so you can really just scroll back up and see that. I’m not exactly sure what the hell I’m doing with it yet. At the moment I’m leaning towards a continuous flow deal, because all of the sudden I’m questioning categorizing things so heavily. Fucking creative process shit.



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