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The State of the Union


So last night I finally cleared off my workspace. Then I started fucking with some collages. I thought about how strange time is, in a really simple way. Like as simple as when you have a bunch of shit you have to do, you don’t have the time to do the things you actually want to do – I’m thinking, for me personally, make art, start new projects, write, and get out there in that big seething crazy world to run around impersonating a madman and have some fucking adventures, some big hazy spectacular nights. Yeah, that’s been the state of affairs as of late, something that I am unfortunately sure most people can relate to. And it is that, unfortunate. On another note, things seem to move in cycles, just in general. Case in point, I’ve been sharing a lot more pictures on here lately and a lot less… graphic art, I guess that really is the best term. Hmm…anyways, now I’m feeling the urge to make some new pieces. Some “better” pieces if you will, just some shit that I can look at when I’m done and smile with satisfaction, even for just a few minutes. Some shit that I can look at and definitively say, “That’s rad.” I guess I’m Ahab and I’ve caught a glimpse of my white whale in the distance – there she blows. Off on that distant horizon of the mind. Now if I can just get this fog bank , this general little squall, to lift for more than a minute, maybe I can get a full view and set my course just right. Onwards, onwards towards that incessantly retreating edge, and full speed ahead – running. Yeah, that’s the state of the union at the moment. Lofty words meet a daily life. #webackatit