{Because why not pour out the innermost sentiments of my soul on the Internet, the World Wide Web, this extension of our collective consciousness — Alter Ego Tuesday came early this week kids}


So yeah, here we are in the late(ish) hours of the night, just grooving, and pretty hard I believe. Grooving pretty hard.

(laughs) What?

Nah man, hey man, it’s not like that. No, no – (laughs slightly) I mean come on, it’s all about that dark side.

He stopped and pondered the situation. Clearly, everything was at stake in this moment. So much meaning in such a small drop of water in the midst of a storm.

(grins) Well, alright then. What are we waiting for? The revolution has already happened, and that shit didn’t work. So we’re fuckin’ postmodern children, where nothing makes sense and that’s the only thing that makes sense. Absurdity loses its definition to acceptance. Yeah, yeah…what of it?

Yeah well, it is what it is, right? So it’s all cool, I guess.

Man, shit, a guess means nothing.

Nah, nah – not nothing; it just doesn’t mean anything.

// So there they were, in that moment, one of many a forgotten meanderings through the pointlessness of the era.

            // He knew there was a fundamental wrong being accepted in that bead of

            sweat dripping down the face of Father Time. He just didn’t know if he should

            let it fall or scream out to Heaven above for it all to stop, the madness and the

            groove and the pure wonder vibration of it all.


The discussion fell to a catastrophic noise of sorts.

It was the sounds of silence, ringing in their obsolete rebellion, incessant and clanging of pure havoc, a true wonder to the primitive soul of ancestral acclimation. Aye, that was me when I was young. And thank God I’m young. I’m in this moment and beyond it, a nomad whose locality is his home, a homeless homeowner of sorts. And you can drop your bullshit opinions and takes of this sprawling monologue at my doorstep, thank you, because you better believe I’m not going to have you tracking that filth in here. // I just got new hardwood floors. //



Thyy Duness // Got a new camera  8)

also, the Black Keys are on and believe it or not that makes all the difference.

Good shit happening.