‘ Wolftown ‘

Well, here we are. Keep a sharp lookout. Ignorance is bliss but bliss will get you dead on this mystic quest. And make no mistake, we are on a mystic quest now. Basically things are starting to get creepy.


See, this is what is amusing / inspirational / life-sustaining to me:

I can always create.

It is late night, and I have been combo-ing my substances properly.

Here is –             ‘ lumos lizard ‘

Some strangeness, some pseudo-glory, some bullshit. But all that aside, some authenticity.


You know sometimes things that we can’t explain just happen. I call this one ‘spacetimefuckup’. A gap out there in that dark fabric somewhere. Alternatively, consider the elderly woman in a deep state of meditation, deep orbit, deep space, conjuring up a happy face hiding a trail of tears. Mindplay.

aaaaand this is me right now. Life is strange and time just might be stranger. We’re all just floating around in the midst of it all. And I need to center it all.* Time for rum.

*editor’s note – this is not possible