A Late Night Manifesto

This is either bullshit or a revolution:

Fuck PR, and fuck the modern system. I’m going to try to give you art in its rawest form, from here on out. I’ll spill my guts if I have to, and I’m an introvert. Imagine that. Fuck is a strong word but I like it – hate is a strong word but I can dig it: Fuck being down with the cause, be the cause. (I hate the bullshit, the method, the calculation.) Because to every cause there’s an effect, and we could use some more effect. (Hate the cause but you can’t deny the effect.) So here’s to it. Drink rum with me fellow pirates. And the rest of you – drink whatever you will, as long as you join in. And now madness and brilliance are one and the same. Ramblings, Love//Hate

Sorry if you don’t like this message or my language. I’m a big fan of authenticity.


-The Doofus